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“Past Day” is an instrumental project from Saint Petersburg, creating music in the style of the 80s new wave.

One of the iconic releases by “Past Day” is “Friends” — the artist’s second LP, where all the tracks are imbued with an atmosphere of nostalgia and moments familiar to everyone. The sound of vintage drum machines, synthesizers, and guitar reverb throughout the album takes the listener back to a distant past, where there were childhood friends, young parents, and the warmest summer days. The compositions are perfect for pleasant memories and relaxation.

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Artist Past Day – Post-Punk / New Wave – Sovietwave Records

Among the significant achievements of the artist “Past Day”:

  • Twice winner of the “Mosproducer – Music in Moscow Parks” project
  • Thousands of stories on VK have been made using the group’s tracks
  • Has millions of quarterly streams
  • Featured on the covers of editorial playlists on Yandex Music
  • Tracks have been repeatedly played on federal and regional radio stations
  • “Past Day’s” music has been used as a soundtrack for various projects

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